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12-dec-14th-rotary-board-meeting-minutes.docx74 KB11/15/23 at 04:51 PM
2015-06-10-special-olympic-support.jpg98 KB11/15/23 at 04:51 PM
2016 Tuesday in the Park BBQ.zip583 KB11/15/23 at 04:51 PM
2017 Cork & Cap Benefit.zip5 MB11/15/23 at 04:51 PM
2020 Board Agenda and Minutes (2).zip1 MB11/15/23 at 04:51 PM
2021-2022 Atascadero Rotary Admin.zip4 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
2022-2023 Atascadero Rotary Admin (1).zip8 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
2021-2022 Minutes and Agenda (1).zip1 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
2022-2023-continuing-resolutions.pdf676 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
2022-eoy-financials.pdf2 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Board of Directors.zip18 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
articles-of-incorporation.pdf215 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Committee Materials.zip32 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
club-bylaws.pdf754 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
budget-14-15.pdf78 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Events & Fundraisers (Annual Events).zip105 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
constitution-and-bylaws.pdf241 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Corks and Caps_Corks-and-Caps-Fundraiser---Ticket-Sales-2-copy.pdf1 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Continuing Resolution (1).zip1 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Crab Feed.zip47 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
dessert-auction-2015.JPG296 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
District Materials (1).zip145 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
District Materials (2).zip145 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
District Materials.zip145 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Finances.zip16 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Minutes.zip9 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Foundation (Club Foundation Materials).zip7 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Take the Lead.zip51 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Officer Materials.zip5 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
New Member Documents.zip37 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Misc. Documents.zip899 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
period-ending-june-30th-2021-2022-yearfinancial.pdf2 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Photos.zip18 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
rotarian-of-the-year-awards.JPG150 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
rotarians-of-the-year-2014-15-idler-brennan.jpg58 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
rotary-club-of-atascadero-community-grant-request-form.docx15 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
rotary-foundation-mou-grant-funds.pdf1 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
ry-2014-15-balance-sheet-as-of-2015-06-30.pdf492 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
ry-2014-15-continuing-resolution-rev02-20150622-1.doc106 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
ry-2014-15-continuing-resolution-rev02-20150622.pdf40 KB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
ryla-district-grant-application-2022-2023.pdf1 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
Scholarship Application_Rotary-Flyers---Atasadero-Flyer.pdf2 MB11/15/23 at 04:50 PM
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